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Account of the Scholarly Exhibition at the Centre of Ceramic Studies, Cardiff


Christie Brown Statement

My ceramic practice is informed by the fragmented narratives from psychoanalysis and archaeology and the parallels between these disciplines, where layers are slowly stripped away to uncover hidden truths. Using the body and archaic objects as central references, the work engages with ideas about transformation and metamorphosis. The ceramic medium is central to various myths of origin. It is also a key source of knowledge, through pottery shards and artefacts from burial sites, about how our ancestors lived.

Ex-Votos: Insignificance, is formally based on a 16th century transi-tomb and the fragmented bodies are presented as a kind of archaeological site where mortality and transience are pitted against the power of the landscape. At the same time the wall hung body parts refer to the ancient tradition of votive offerings as a form of healing.

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University of Wales Intitute, cardiff | Adorfa Prifysgol Cymru, Caerdydd